Virtual Reality Development

Best Virtual Reality Apps For Business

Virtual reality applications help brands improve how employees and customers interact with their products and services. Organizations can use VR for providing employee training, data visualization, and improving collaboration.

VR applications allow companies to offer “try before buy” concept by making it feasible for customers to try products virtually. Imagine as a potential home buyer you walking through a home or virtual 3D model of a home. In education and training, VR applications provide immersive and interactive training simulations for the hands-on exercises. VR has several more use cases in healthcare, entertainment, sports, industrial engineering, automotive, and other industries.

Virtual Reality Experience Design

We provide virtual reality design for creating useful, interactive, and safe VR experiences and 3D content. During our vr app development process, we first define each experience and general layout considering touch, sight, and sound-based interactions. Our VR designers use Sketch, Google Blocks, and Adobe design tools for creating wireframes of the VR experiences.

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VR App Development Capabilities

With a decade of experience in building complex technology solutions for mobile and with skills for delivering amazing user experiences, we have the expertise to build Virtual Reality applications for your business. At Invonto, our primary focus is on building enterprise VR apps that solve business problems, reduce costs, and create new opportunities. Our VR solutions include training simulations, 360 walkthroughs, 3D modeling, geolocation apps, live action applications, work collaboration solutions, and gaming applications.

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Virtual Reality Technologies

Invonto specializes in building interactive VR applications. Our VR applications are powered by some of the best headsets and latest VR development technologies.

  • Oculus
  • Samsung Gear
  • Google Daydream
  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal Engine
  • JanusVR
  • Windows Mixed Reality
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Virtual Reality R&D and Prototyping

Virtual reality can transform many of your business processes with immersive digital solutions. However, building full-featured VR applications takes time and investment. At Invonto, we offer Research & Development (R&D) services to the companies looking to experiment and create prototypes with the simpler use cases. Developing an MVP before investing in a complete solution helps test out the viability of the technology and lowers the risk.

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